TrueCV provides complete onboarding and verification solution for Employers

Send Offer Letter through TrueCV and increase your offer to joining ratio

When you send offer letter through TrueCV, it increase offer to joining ration because candidate accepts offer only after giving consent that a history will be created on TrueCV once he/she accepts the offer and their rating will be decreased if they don’t join, in such case candidate would only accept the offer if they intend to join

All documents stored on secured server which can be accessed anytime

Stop taking photocopy of documents and start using TrueCV to store candidate docs online which can be easily accessed by you whenever required.

Easy verification in just a click of a button

No agency takes interest in one or two verification but with TrueCV you can get even a single employee verified and you can use all features of onboarding

Centralized Employment History Repository System

Search Verified Profiles in Our Data base

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